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COVID -19 Help Flatten the Curve by Adapting Change 
Adapting change with Covid-19

New normal from 2020

Office Social Distancing
Covid 19 Awarness Training

Training Topics on COVID-19 awareness :-

  • Understanding emerging respiratory viruses including Covid-19

  • Method for detection

  • Practising preventive measures

  • Rapid response and control 

Consultation on Meeting the New Normal

  • Gap Analysis - From Current practices to Best practices

  • Re-organizing and Re-structuring workplaces

  • Guidance in new S.O.P generation

  • Compliance Audits

  • Staff Training 

  • Complete Procurement assistance

Work Place Hygiene & Grooming & Personal Hygiene

Introduction to HACCP and its application towards Work Place and Personal Hygiene.

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Workplace Safety.jpg
Work Place Safety

Understanding the Hazards and Importance of a safe working environment.

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