Soft Skills

Makes A Human,


Soft skills are closely linked with a person’s character and are more challenging to develop, it takes a conscious effort, practice and commitment to self-develop and improves on soft skills.


Rise of Automation / Artificial intelligence is happening and Jobs that require hard or technical skills are continuing to decline. This leaves People with strong levels of soft skills highly sought after in workplaces because machines do not have emotions.

According to a report by LinkedIn on ‘Global Talent Trends 2019’. Learning and Development, particularly in Soft Skills, are rapidly gaining demand since this is what Automation machines / Artificial intelligence cannot duplicate.

Only Corporate business that recognizes the importance of building soft skills in their employees will Succeed.

Corporate Training is the Need of the Hour.

Stress Management

To create awareness among Organizations and their people, on how to manage daily stress. Most people live a unhealthy and stressful life; resulting in a decline in health causing hypertension. This increases low work focus, absenteeism, attrition rate, etc. Negative Stress lowers productivity and timelines failures leading to frustration. 

Eustress on the other hand also is known as Healthy stress; helps develop better personal health and productivity.

Learn to Manage Stress in our Program.

Time Management

“Procrastination” which means prolonging a certain task or work at hand. This is a massive hurdle in achieving organizational and personal goals. The reality is that nobody can ever manage time; However, we need to Manage ourselves to make the best use of time.

The results are magical.

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Emotional Intelligence

What we think is what we are! Most of us find it difficult to express feeling and emotions in words. There is a direct link between Emotional Intelligence and Job performance.  Individuals with high Emotional Intelligence help build healthy organizations and personal lives.

We help people understand this by making them aware of their Emotional Quotient (EQ) and how to improve it.

Interpersonal Skills

The term "Interpersonal Skills" means an employees ability to work well with others. Interpersonal Skills are social skills.

There are 16 distinct personality types. Understanding your personality type helps you improve many aspects of your life both professionally and socially. A great tool for career mapping as well.

Transactional Analysis
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Transactional Analysis is a famous 'Parent - Adult - Child' theory (Ego States) founded by psychiatrist Eric Berne.

Businesses are lost, deals are cancelled and relationships are broken because we fail to understand or are unaware of the other person’s state of mind. These states of mind are known as “Ego States”. 

This is the most effective tool for people in the area of Sales, Marketing, Business Development and all levels of Management.

Selling Skills

Customers buy Emotions! Most people fail to identify or create these emotions during their sales pitch.

Learn the step by step process of Selling Skills. 

Communication Skills

We work in a culturally diverse environment of people speaking various languages and dialects. Communicating with each other may become challenging. Verbal’s and Non-verbal’s mean different in different cultures.

Etiquellz educates you on the Science of developing Effective Communication Skills. 

Conflict Management

Wherever there are people there are conflicts. Adverse conflicts are unhealthy.

Etiquellz provides you with tools and techniques to identify different types of conflicts and ways and methods to resolve them. 

Negotiation Skills

Many people dread Negotiations. A staggering 58% of potential deals are broken across a bargaining table due to bad negotiation skills, affecting any business growth model.

At Etiquellz we train you with the right Negotiation Strategies. These keys will unlock your ability to get the best deal possible under any circumstances.

Leadership Skills
Seal a deal Interpersonal skills for sof

Leaders aren't just born; they can be developed!

There is a large gap between leaders & people who lead.

Etiquellz helps understand various leadership styles and its adaptability as per various situations. 

Customer Service

It is statistically proven that 68% of customers leave or do not come back because of bad customer service. Only excellent service is noticed.

At Etiquellz we create awareness on the value of customer service and educate people in touchpoints of 'WOW!' customer service.

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette is a reflection of class, exposure, sophistication, refinement and experience. Business relations with a client or sealing a deal while socializing are best done at Dining tables.

Etiquellz provides training which helps you host guests even at home. We also train children in dining manners.

Etiquellz covers all aspects of multi-cultural dining manners and its importance.

Business & General Etiquette

Etiquette is a code of behaviour within each society, social class or group. It defines one’s personality, proper employee Etiquette. Etiquette is about being comfortable around people and making people comfortable around you. It also brings to light an organization's culture and its values.

We at Etiquellz empower organizations and people to enhance personal and business Etiquette.

Interview Skills

Interviews are opportunities! They need to be converted into a Job offer.

At Etiquellz we educate all aspirants in S.W.O.T, resume impressions, body language and etiquette during interviews.

It is also a learning curve for interviewers to observe and analyze these aspects while conducting interviews.


Teams fail or are unproductive because the best skills of their team members are not identified and put to use.

Etiquellz helps you optimize by collaborating teams for specific purposes.

Body Language
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Businesses and individuals lose tremendous opportunities just because they or their representatives display poor body language.

The human mind establishes 55% of communication through body language. It is the unspoken type of communication having a rather huge impact.

Etiquellz covers a broader domain in the science of Body Language and its impact on success.

Goal Setting

Only S.M.A.R.T goals Succeed! Success is a final product when thoughts, beliefs, and actions are aligned towards reaching a certain goal, be it personal or organizational.

Etiquellz structurally helps in simplifying and understanding on how to F.R.A.M.E goals and manifest success.